The E-way project presented in Milan


The Secretary of State Marco Podeschi in the headquarters of Aci Milano: "We want a carbon-free mobility for our country, which has historical roots but fully embraces modernity"

27 September 2018

The E-way project developed by A.A.S.S. (Autonomous State Company for Public Services) ha been presented yesterday at the Automobile Club Milano headquarters. The project was created to promote and spread low environmental impact mobility in the Republic of San Marino.
‏Those present were told that this is an initiative organized on a multi-year basis (2018-2021 as regards the first phase), which involves the construction of a series of infrastructures in the area and tax incentives aimed at favoring the purchase and the use of full electric and hydrogen cars. As far as electric propulsion vehicles are concerned, 22 Abb recharging columns with 11 and 22 Kw sockets are already operational, which can also be easily located by means of a special ZapGrid downloadable App, and 6 charging columns for e-bikes.
‏For a period of time it will be possible for anyone to recharge for free their electric car at these columns and to this important promotion, substantial tax breaks are added: electric vehicle buyers can also count on a tax credit equal to 80 percent of the San Marino import tax, a subsidy that rises to 99 percent in the case of hydrogen vehicles. Finally, a tax reduction of 30 percent for the purchase of recharging stations for residential buildings.
‏By giving life to the E-way project, the Republic of San Marino shows to look with conviction on sustainable mobility and further confirmation comes from the establishment of customized green color plates – with the letters EW followed by three numbers – for cars with “carbon free” power supply.

‏These are the statements made on the sidelines of the presentation.
‏Marco Podeschi – Secretary of State for Technological Innovation and relations with AASS: “For years in San Marino we have been working for the development of sustainable mobility and in particular we are pushing a lot towards electric and hydrogen cars: the first are already a reality, the second will arrive. We want a carbon-free mobility for a country, ours, which has historical roots but fully embraces modernity. And we also focus a lot on sport because this can be an important promotional vehicle in this regard. We will fully support, for example, the Misano stage of the Moto Gp 2019 as regards the new category of electric competition motorcycles that Dorna has included in the next MotoGP ”.

‏Geronimo La Russa – President of Aci Milano: “Automobile Club Milano has always been attentive to the environmental sustainability of means of transport and therefore, with great pleasure, follows with particular favor projects such as E-way, which can constitute an effective stimulus to the spread of vehicles with zero emission. Certainly the phenomenon at the Italian national level is still embryonic, just think that in the Province of Milan in the first six months of 2018, 199 electric cars were registered (118 and 128 in the two previous years, 2017 and 2016), all the more reason the spread of recharging stations in the area is absolutely desirable for an increase in these numbers ”.