Presented E-Way, the new ambitious sustainable mobility project of San Marino


The AASS president Federico Crescentini: "San Marino has become a reference point for electric vehicles with an innovative project that will be progressively implemented"

31 July 2018

E-Way was presented this morning the new project developed by AASS (Autonomous State Company for Public Services) to encourage and promote in San Marino the use of low environmental impact vehicles and the progressive installation of dedicated infrastructures.
The President of AASS Federico Crescentini, Simone Celli, Secretary of State for Finance, the Budget and Transport, Augusto Michelotti, Secretary of State for the Territory, Environment and Tourism, Marco Podeschi, Secretary of State for Innovation, Technology and Relations with the AASS and Architect Giuseppe Vallelunga of Mobility in Chain, took part in the meeting with the press.
During the conference a video message from the architect Stefano Boeri was also broadcast.
E-Way makes available throughout the Republic 22 charging stations for electric vehicles and 6 stations dedicated to recharging electric bicycles. The columns, supplied by Sonepar Italia, are connected via fiber to the internet, allowing them to be reached and supervised by the AASS at any time. The Company has at its disposal the Web ZapGrid platform, developed by GMT and Sonepar Italia, from which it will be able to monitor and manage times and any costs for recharging and view all the top-ups performed, as well as managing anomaly signals and alarms.
The columns, managed by the ZapGrid APP – can be downloaded free of charge for Android and IoS – not only allows the geolocation of the columns and the display of the availability of the same, but also to choose the recharge time, start the recharge by monitoring all the data and display top up reports.

Enerlight Srl and are the two San Marino companies belonging to – the San Marino Renewable Energy Association – that have collaborated to ensure that the project is defined, making it usable by the population and guests of the territory. Until 31 December 2018 the top-up will be free and will be added to the tax relief for the purchase of low environmental impact vehicles (electric, hydrogen). In particular, you can take advantage of the 99% import tax reduction for hydrogen vehicles, 80% for purely electric vehicles. The purchase of recharging stations at residential buildings, one per house, provides for a 30% tax reduction.

AASS President Federico Crescentini said: “An important effort by the AASS to recover ground in the field of electric mobility. From today San Marino becomes a reference point for electric vehicles with an innovative project that will be progressively implemented. E-Way is the name and image of the project that we wanted to innovate.”

Secretary Simone Celli said: “The Republic of San Marino has adopted a specific regulation that provides for the introduction of significant tax incentives to promote the purchase of electric or hydrogen powered cars. The objective of building a sustainable and eco-compatible development model also involves identifying new forms of mobility with low environmental impact. ”

State Secretary Augusto Michelotti reported: “The strategic projects of the new San Marino Territorial Planning tool aim to achieve a new sustainable mobility. Enhancement of international connections, regeneration of the highway, a new connection system expressed between Rimini and San Marino, cycle-pedestrian routes and better accessibility to the historic center. The scenarios are ambitious and aspire to make San Marino an excellence at European level in the field of sustainable mobility by 2030. ”

Finally, Secretary of State Marco Podeschi said: “AASS charging stations for electric vehicles and the E-Way project place San Marino among the leading states in electric mobility. The next step will be urban public transport and the final point will activate a project to make hydrogen-powered mobility possible.”