How can I stop charging my vehicle?

To stop the charging in progress, click on the appropriate “Stop charging” button on the app and wait for the confirmation message.

Do I have to pull the plug out of the column or the car first?

The plug must be removed from the column first.

Can I stop charging using the control in the car?

No, to stop the recharge in progress you must click on the appropriate “Stop the recharging” button on the app.

In case of anomalies marked by the vehicle, how can I stop the recharge?

Also in this case you have to click on the appropriate “Stop the recharging” button on the app.

Can I start a new recharge at the end of the chosen time?

To start a new charge, remove the plug from the column, wait for the plug to close and the transaction to finish. You can then proceed with a new recharge.

If the GPS signal does not position me correctly, how can I recharge my vehicle?

If the GPS signal does not work properly you can frame the QR code by selecting the “Scan QR-Code” button from the user page.

Where can I find the QR code to enable the socket?

The QR code to enable the single socket is present under the charging socket of each station.

When I start a recharge from the app, does the socket unblock immediately?

Once the button on the app is pressed, the command is sent immediately to the column, but there are time lag due to the type of internet connection present.

Can I recharge without a data connection on my smartphone?

No, a data connection is required on your smartphone to recharge. In case of problems with the mobile signal you can use Freersm, the free AASS wifi line.

How far away do I have to be to start a recharge?

To be able to interact with the charging station you must be near it.

Can I recharge my Tesla vehicle?

You can recharge your Tesla vehicle by setting the 16 Ampere start beforehand on the car to avoid alignment problems with the charging station.

How can I retrieve my login credentials?

You can retrieve your login credentials using the appropriate function at the bottom of the login page.


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